Crash Repair , waiting for parts since Sept 21 2020

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    In August I was in an accident that badly damaged my front guard primarily . The parts for the accident repair were ordered after the quote was done and approved for repair . This meant that the parts were placed on order Sept 21 2020 . . I was recently given a supply date for the parts as December 10 , and a couple of days before that I was informed that it would be not until January 2021 !!! I contacted Indian and they verified , the parts were on order and I had been bumped down the list , as a total of 5 of the required guards were on order . I am apparently no 4 on that list now . No idea where I was , before being bumped . The new ETA is now mid January 2021 .
    There are several extenuating circumstances that I should mention . The guard is for my 2018 Roadmaster Elite , so a limited edition bike , with only 7 coming to the country , 6 originally and mine from New Zealand . The second thing is the Covid 19 factor . I really have no way of knowing how this has affected the outcome . But the end result is that I have had no Indian for 5+ months now , and still weeks before my Guard arrives . This is no fault of the repairer , but you have to ask , what is going on over in the USA . I wonder if our US brothers are waiting months for parts that should be in stock for bikes only a couple of years old . My bike sits in the corner of the shop with a cover over it , waiting for the parts to arrive . Tik Tok Tik Tok . 20181225_160647_resized.jpg

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