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  1. dame
    Poolaris should stick to making ATVs
  2. Mark Hancock
    Mark Hancock
    6 Years On & My 2014 Indian Chief Classic hasn’t missed a beat!
  3. James Ward
    James Ward
  4. Kazab
    Never ride faster than your Angel can fly...
  5. Robert
    Moving onto chief soon!
  6. Hardyards
    Living in North Queensland for the past decade and still loving it! 2019 Chief Dark Horse with stage one pipes and stage three cams.
  7. Shanz
    Shanz 2GRLS
    I am travelling down to the Burt Munro Blenheim to Timaru Tuesday 4 Feb and Timaru to The Burt Wed 5 Feb. Happy to join other riders on the same path.
  8. Max Gamble
    Max Gamble
    Live your dream
  9. Powinc
    Hey folks. Geelong based. Took up riding about 12 years ago on a Honda VTR250, then go a Triumph America and I now a Indian Scout
  10. Fassi
    Good evening riders, I'm interested in hearing from anyone that has installed the larger windshield, are they worth the effort?
  11. graham osborn
    graham osborn
    Picked up my slightly modified Scout Bobber on Thursday last week
  12. James Ward
    James Ward
    Love my 2019 Darkhorse!
  13. Garry Bentancor
    Garry Bentancor
    New scout bobber in Adelaide, SA
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  14. Terry Forbes
    Terry Forbes Bazza
    Welcome Bazza, from another Scout owner in Penrith NSW.
  15. StevieeG
    Cant wait to pick up the bike. This shipment better hurry up.
  16. Geoff-3
  17. Bazza
    Hi all, I'm a proud owner of a new scout. Thought of sign up to the forum as I have some questions that I cant find answers to.
  18. hanksgr
    Hi there, I'm new. Picked up my new Scout last week. Wow!!
  19. Washbrook
    Washbrook Terry Forbes
    Hey Tezza, Are you going to go to the Indian World record attempt in Broken Hill in 2020?
  20. SmileAgain