Roadmaster Elite 2020 massive Changes from the 2018 and 2019 models

Discussion in 'Indian Roadmaster' started by Martin Quick, Feb 6, 2020.

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    Received an email showing the 2020 RM Elite . Even at a glance , you can tell it is a whole new ball game . I will outline the changes that I noted . Some for the better , and some perhaps not . So I intend to be fair , as I own a 2018 RM Elite , I feel qualified to do the comparo ..
    1/The most noticeable change is the paint . A whole new paint scheme , that takes a little getting used to . They have still given the bike a 30 hour paint job , but unlike the previous 2 models , it doesn't strike me as stunning , perhaps seeing one in the flesh will WOW me . The Indian description is Thunder Black Vivid Crystal over Gunmetal Flake .
    2/ The price is up $5,000.00 on my 2018 to $54, 995.00 .
    3/The have replaced the Gold leaf badging with Std RM fair , which fits better with the paint scheme .
    4/The front wheel is an all new 19" mag , [ same as Chieftain Elite ] I love the look , and I fitted the previous 19" version to my RM Elite .A vast improvement over the stock 16" rim . Hard to tell , but the rear wheel looks to be the same design as the front .
    5/The Engine is the new and more powerful 116 CUI option , that is fitted with many detail parts in Red , push rod tubes and all engine badging , looks great ! This still has the variable ride modes as std . This engine detail looks to be carried over from the Chieftain Elite .
    6/The floor boards as shown , are not the uber expensive billet items , but the cheaper chrome detailed option .
    7/The electronic variable screen remains , but is now described as " Flaired ' So I presume it is different .
    8/The awesome 600watt sound system remains , as a massive upgrade to the 2018 system . In saying this , I am very happy with my Roadmaster_Elite_Thunder_Black_Vivid_Crystal_over_Gunmetal_Flake_pt.jpg 5.jpg f3.jpg f2-1.jpg 4.jpg 20181225_160647_resized.jpg 2018 setup . Big sound is a big part of the USA cycle and Bagger Scene . On a recent trip to the USA we attended 2 bike Rallies , and mega sound systems were the norm .
    9/The possibly generic pics of the bike show the eye level Brake light fitted .
    10/ The front and rear bumpers are not shown on the bike .
    These are the changes that I have seen so far . Looks to me like they have cut cost with a few minor detail changes . In saying that the 116Cui Engine package is a very expensive upgrade , and that is included as stock . Flaired screen and 19" mag wheel upgrades will change the whole feel of the bike from a std Roadmaster . Worth the money , that's your decision . I have to say I absolutely love my 2018 RM Elite , the build quality , and rideability are rarely equalled in the World of Touring Motorcycles . My 2 cents . Love to hear your opinion .

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