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    I'v had my 2018 Scout now for 17 months and this is the first time I have used any type of Forum, but I have searched the forums to get information about my Scout. I live in the South Island of New Zealand and to date have done 46,000 K's. Ive competed in the TT2000 and ridden the length of New Zealand a couple of times. I have a problem in that I cant stay off my Scout.
    I get my license back tomorrow after dedicating it to the "God of Speed" due to demerits, and it will be nice and clean for the coming summer, (for a while anyway). I am 62 years young and have had bikes since I was 15, so had a few and the Scout ticks most of the boxes for me.
    I predominately ride by my self as organising other riders is like herding cats so I just do my own thing, but in saying that I am organising the "Reservation Run" to head south to the "Burt Munro Challenge" and hope that a few Indians turn up.

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