New lvl 1 oval mufflers fitted

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    I have been eyeing the new chrome level 1 exhaust for my Roadmaster for months . On a shop ride I finally spotted a set fitted to a shop bike . Checked the exhaust note and loved the look of the pipes on the bike .
    My only concern was loosing my std airbox , as my bike is an Elite and has unique badging . I opted for the High Flow K & N air filter element that fits in the original airbox . GREAT . Brisbane Indian fitted the exhaust , did the usual great job . I love the chrome finish , oval ends and unique Indian badging . Mid range power is improved , with a good note under power , but not a lot louder at constant highway speed . Perfect for me , as I love listening to tunes while I ride . 20200207_184136_resized.jpg 20200207_150420_resized.jpg 20200207_145315_resized.jpg

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